"Multiple Media of Texts" Edit

Chapter 5 in Anne Frances Wysocki's book is about exactly how all the different media that a text can come in change based on the reader. However, all of this is controlled by the author, who in any case, is the rhetorician. Based on the way a text looks or the way a text is designed, reader's are able to immediately tell what the audience is intended to be given the genre of the text. For instance, an academic essay as part of a book will have one look to it (smaller sized font, mostly in Times New Roman, almost no pictures, etc.) and a children's interactive website will have another (big letters, a playful typeface, a myriad of colors, etc.). Whatever the case may be, Wysocki discusses the different ways these media are rhetorical and how so.

"Why Blog" Edit

"Why Blog," is a chapter in Alex Reid's, Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing. In this chapter Reid discusses the incentives to blog and some helpful ways to go about starting a blog. Reid blogs himself and talks about his blog and why he started in this chapter as well. Blogging is something where the authors have little to no control over who reads their blog. However, there still are intended readers. The brilliant thing about blogs is that there is no one genre, a blog can be about literally anything. Blogs, too, can come in any form, though they are restricted to electronic posts, meaning they need not be only words, they can be videos, pictures, or audio posts.

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